Galileo Extreme


In 2011 the PRO7 television channel threw all standard testing methods
of attack-resistant security glazing overboard. With three independent experts,
one of them “Strongman” – Germany’s strongest guy – they tested our sicurLITE-special security glazing with polycarbonate core in Austria for two days.


Field trials in which the attacker simulated a so-called smash-and-grab style attack were carried out on a single pane sized 2 x 3 m. For each attempt to destroy our glass they were allotted one minute each. Sicurtec had no knowledge of the testing conditions beforehand.

What can be said right away is that none of these attacks were successful, even after an extension of the time allowed.  

However, shortly after beginning to shoot the film Strongman managed to completely destroy and perforate conventional standard bullet-proof glass with only a couple of blows. 

galileo filme

Our sicurLITE special security glazing was subjected to the following mechanical and thermal attacks :

Long-handled 5kg-sledgehammer
Long-handled 2.5 kg axe pickaxe
Low-temperature attack with liquid nitrogen and pickaxe
Acid attack
Angle grinder (Flex)
Thermal stress with Molotov-Cocktail, flame-thrower and
5000 °C thermic lance
Ballistic attack with Kalashnikov rifle
Blast attack with 200 g TNT,
directly glued to the pane
Car crash with 50 km/h
Lorry-mounted telescopic crane applying a pressure of 50 tons

Destroyed Sicurlite-pane, however, the glazing was not perforated

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